Top 3 Beauty must have’s for summer practices and camp! May 13 2015

Summer practices and camps are starting soon and there are 3 things I can’t live without!!

  1. St. Tropez self tanning mousse!! If you’re anything like me you may be the fairest of them all...jk by fairest I mean fair skin. We all know how bad tanning beds are for us! Say NO to cancer!!! So thats why St Tropez is a miracle in a bottle! When applied with a mit it goes on so smooth and even!! St. Tropez is meant for anyone that wants that natural glow! Make sure to follow the directions carefully and lotion up those ankles and knees!!

  1. My S'well water bottle! After being in the sun all day, nothing is more refreshing than guzzling that ice cold water. The s'well bottle comes in so many cute colors and is vacuumed sealed keeping your cold drinks cold for 24 hours and your hot drinks hot for 12 hours!! By keeping that water so refreshing it helps me drink 8 glasses of water a day to keep my skin looking healthy and my body hydrated.

    3. A girl can’t leave home without her chapstick. I am absolutely in love with the Fresh Sugar Lip treatment with SPF 15! It goes on ridiculously smooth and bonus, it comes in a variety of shades! After spending hours practicing a little color on those lips can really make a girl feel better. 

I want to know your summer faves!! I hope you like and try out mine!! Comment below on any cool products you love and want me to try!!




Cheer tryout tips and tricks: May 04 2015

Cheer tryout tips and tricks:

Every year I get asked to teach girls private cheer lessons to help them get ready for tryouts. And every year I am faced with the same questions. So today I am going to answer those questions and hopefully help you make that team!!

Question 1. What are the judges looking for?

No matter the level you are trying out at, judges typically look for girls or boys who stand out. When I judge, I love watching that one cheerleader that really brings their fun personality into his/her cheerleading. Now make sure you have the required skills and choreography cause thats a must but don’t be scared to be enthusiastic and bubbly!

Question 2. How do I get my standing tuck?

This always seems to happen with my last minute clients. They have to have that standing tuck but their tryouts are in 2 months….two words, HARD WORK! If they’re close to reaching this skill its typically easier to build their confidence and tweak their technique so they’ll get it but a lot of times the cheerleader just doesn’t want to put in the work. Tumbling takes time and lots of practice!! I usually tell girls that one hour a week of tumbling is not enough! So practice makes perfect!

Question 3. How do I stand out?

Going along with question one, this is where its all in the detail. Start with never letting a smile leave your face. When you ralley add that bounce into your step, bring in more head nods, and hit those motions sharper than anyone else. Like I said before have those required or advanced skills solid but many times I’ve seen an amazing tumbler or stunter, but if they’re boring to watch through the rest of the tryout I don’t remember them! Make sure you are memorable and having fun!

I hope these tips help you with your tryout whether its All-star or school cheer!! Good Luck!!



Cheer Love 101: April 30 2015 1 Comment

Hi all!!

Welcome to Cheer Love 101! I am so excited to be talking, blogging, posting, all things cheer! My name is Jodi and I am the founder and owner of Cheer Love Apparel. I started cheering in 9th grade and continued on until my 3rd year in College. A few years after that I had the opportunity to Cheer for the NBA’s Utah Jazz, it was pretty much a dream come true to be a professional cheerleader (and no not a dancer but an actual cheerleader). I am currently running Cheer Love, coaching a high school cheer team, and a Varsity judge. Cheerleader for life...right?!

I started Cheer Love with the dream of creating fun and cute practice clothes for cheerleaders to show their love of cheerleading. Along with designing cute clothes I hope to one day provide many scholarship opportunities to boys and girls across the globe.

With years of cheer experience I want to be an open book to my readers! I want your input on what to blog about, what questions do you have, what tips and tricks do you want to know about? This is for you!! I can’t wait to get to know my readers! Thanks for reading and following this journey!




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Glitter, bows, and pointed toes are just a few things cheerleaders are required to have in this competitive and expensive sport. The Cheer Love scholarship program is designed to help those boys and girls who dream of putting their heart out on the mat for two minutes and thirty seconds but might fall short of their dream because of tough financial situations.

The vision of this scholarship program started a few years ago by Jodi Stonehocker owner and creator of Cheer Love Apparel. Her love and passion for cheer started at a young age and continued onto college where she cheered at Weber State University and won a national title in 2009 at the NCA Collegiate Nationals. Her dreams didn’t stop there, she had the wonderful opportunity of being on the Utah Jazz Stunt Team and performing for thousands at a professional level. During college she was fortunate enough to get a full tuition paid scholarship but knew this wasn’t happening at very many Universities. With that in mind she wanted to give back and help others who shared her same passion and dream. Whether it be All Star, High School, or Collegiate level cheer, Cheer Love wants to find and help those who might stand in need.

With your help we can grow Cheer Love’s scholarship program to help thousands of boys and girls with their cheerleading dreams. Cheer Love is donating 10% of the companies’ profit so please help this company grow by spreading the Cheer Love.

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