Cheer Love 101: April 30 2015 1 Comment

Hi all!!

Welcome to Cheer Love 101! I am so excited to be talking, blogging, posting, all things cheer! My name is Jodi and I am the founder and owner of Cheer Love Apparel. I started cheering in 9th grade and continued on until my 3rd year in College. A few years after that I had the opportunity to Cheer for the NBA’s Utah Jazz, it was pretty much a dream come true to be a professional cheerleader (and no not a dancer but an actual cheerleader). I am currently running Cheer Love, coaching a high school cheer team, and a Varsity judge. Cheerleader for life...right?!

I started Cheer Love with the dream of creating fun and cute practice clothes for cheerleaders to show their love of cheerleading. Along with designing cute clothes I hope to one day provide many scholarship opportunities to boys and girls across the globe.

With years of cheer experience I want to be an open book to my readers! I want your input on what to blog about, what questions do you have, what tips and tricks do you want to know about? This is for you!! I can’t wait to get to know my readers! Thanks for reading and following this journey!