Cheer tryout tips and tricks: May 04 2015

Cheer tryout tips and tricks:

Every year I get asked to teach girls private cheer lessons to help them get ready for tryouts. And every year I am faced with the same questions. So today I am going to answer those questions and hopefully help you make that team!!

Question 1. What are the judges looking for?

No matter the level you are trying out at, judges typically look for girls or boys who stand out. When I judge, I love watching that one cheerleader that really brings their fun personality into his/her cheerleading. Now make sure you have the required skills and choreography cause thats a must but don’t be scared to be enthusiastic and bubbly!

Question 2. How do I get my standing tuck?

This always seems to happen with my last minute clients. They have to have that standing tuck but their tryouts are in 2 months….two words, HARD WORK! If they’re close to reaching this skill its typically easier to build their confidence and tweak their technique so they’ll get it but a lot of times the cheerleader just doesn’t want to put in the work. Tumbling takes time and lots of practice!! I usually tell girls that one hour a week of tumbling is not enough! So practice makes perfect!

Question 3. How do I stand out?

Going along with question one, this is where its all in the detail. Start with never letting a smile leave your face. When you ralley add that bounce into your step, bring in more head nods, and hit those motions sharper than anyone else. Like I said before have those required or advanced skills solid but many times I’ve seen an amazing tumbler or stunter, but if they’re boring to watch through the rest of the tryout I don’t remember them! Make sure you are memorable and having fun!

I hope these tips help you with your tryout whether its All-star or school cheer!! Good Luck!!